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Helping organizations get ready for the unexpected

ELIFORT Sûreté et Sécurité was established in 2018 to provide focused and dedicated expertise to government agencies and private organizations in Europe and the Middle East on Risk Management, Safety Management Systems, Training and CBRN Preparedness. ELIFORT was founded by Dr. J. Lafortune, a senior manager with 36 years of hands-on experience building capacity internationally through program development, training and education, audits and exercises.

ELIFORT relies of a large roster of dedicated professionals in the areas of education, disaster risk management, CBRN, emergency response and training. ELIFORT works with organizations in North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East to offer a broad range of services and expertise in those key disciplines.

ELIFORT believes in quality - quality of people and quality of services. We believe that quality matters more than profit; profit comes with quality. Our reputation is on the line on every project. Our reputation is our most precious asset, and we intend to protect it.

















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