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ELIFORT is all about quality. Quality is a value we place above profit. Our reputation depends on it. In 36 years of service to governments, international agencies and private industries, I have always promoted the highest standards in service delivery. Through my services in the Canadian Navy for 13 years, SAIC for 7, and International Safety Research, which I established in 1998 and served for 20 years, and the International Atomic Energy Agency, I have always promoted quality and innovation above all, from myself and from my staff. 

Our capacity building efforts focus on sustainable development. I believe that our aim, when helping any organization, is to achieve a point when the client no longer needs us and is able to grow on its own.  We strive to understand the real needs of each client while providing solutions that are adapted, logical, cost-effective and appropriate to the scale of the needs. We don't apply a one-size-fits-all approach; it does not work. We design customized solutions that reflect the culture, mission and framework of each organization.

Our team consists of experts in their fields. We select the right specialists for the right job. Since we don't have a large full-time contingent, we rely of a pool of associated who are willing and able to dedicate themselves to each project. Our teams are adapted to each project, and built for each mission.

Our work is international, because we believe that the best solutions build on experience of stakeholders around the world.

On COVID-19. COVID-19 is another reminder that planning and preparation are crucial for an effective response. Pandemic exercises conducted at the international level in the last few years highlighted the lack of preparation but may not have been taken seriously enough. As hard as this crisis will be, it will teach us lessons, one of which needs to be that proactive preparedness is better than after-the-fact investments in fixing a problem that should have been known.

Dr. J.F. Lafortune, President, ELIFORT

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