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European Union Project 91: Hazardous Chemical and Biological Waste Management

ELIFORT is acting as Team Leader to GIZ for the implementation of a hazardous chemical and biological waste management system in the North Africa and Sahel region. The project aims at enhancing the capabilities of eight countries in risk-based management of hazardous waste. The partner countries are: Algeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Mali, Niger, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

European Union Project 88: CBRN Field Exercises

ELIFORT, in cooperation with Magellan Engineering and NL Associates, is organizing three CBRN field exercises, including one bio, one chem and one rad. The exercises will be conducted by medical emergency response and support teams from nine countries in South Eastern and Eastern Europe.

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Nuclear and Radiological Emergency Training Veiligheidsregio Zeeland

ELIFORT, in cooperation with International Safety Research Nederland, developed and provided a one-day refresher course to nuclear and radiation specialists of the safety region of Zeeland, in the Netherlands. The training included table top exercises and case studies focusing on contamination incidents, terrorist acts, and nuclear power plant accidents. A workshop was also conducted on the development of a protection strategy, consistent with IAEA GSR Part 7 requirements.


Saudi Arabia Nuclear Regulator Emergency Planning

ELIFORT developed the capacity building strategy and roadmap for the Saudi Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Commission (NRRC) emergency management program. ELIFORT is providing ongoing support for its implementation.

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Saudi Arabia Nuclear Research Reactor Licensing

ELIFORT assisted the Saudi Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Commission (NRRC) by conducting an evaluation of the KACST research reactor emergency plan, as a mandatory condition of the construction license. ELIFORT developed the evaluation guide and provided training to NRRC personnel on the regulatory evaluation procedure.

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Saudi Arabia Nuclear Site Evaluation

ELIFORT is assisting the Saudi Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Commission (NRRC) evaluating the submission by Saudi Nuclear Energy to obtain a site license for two large nuclear power reactors to be built in the near future. ELIFORT's focus was on emergency preparedness and response, security arrangements, layout and hazards aspects over the lifetime of the nuclear facilities.

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Exercise Tridentshield

ELIFORT just won a contract from the Science and Technology Centre in Ukraine and UNICRI for the development and conduct of a biological emergency exercise in Ukraine with the participation of countries from the South East and Eastern Europe countries. The emergency will involve a highly virulent contagion on board an international flight. 


Emergency, disaster and crisis management training program development

ELIFORT, under subcontract to Knowledge Group (Abu Dhabi University), developed a comprehensive training program on emergency, disaster and crisis management for the UAE National Crisis and Emergency Management Agency. This program includes five 3-5 day courses on Hazard and Risk Management, Emergency Plan Development, Emergency Exercise Management, Emergency Operations Centre Design and Management, and Integrated Emergency Management.

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CBRN Hub in the United Arab Emirates

ELIFORT, in cooperation with ORBRIX UAE and the Abu Dhabi Knowledge Group, has established a CBRN Hub in Abu Dhabi, which provides training, research and consultancy in CBRN preparedness and response, Incident Command System and Crisis Management. Dr. Lafortune is the CBRN Training Director. 

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International Expert Gathering - Virtual conference series on COVID-19 challenges and lessons learned

In cooperation with ORBRIX UAE, Elifort organized and facilitated a series of 11 web-based conferences over a period of three month in 2020. The conferences gathered experts in a broad range of topics, including public health, communication, logistics, crisis management, training and more. Each session was attended by up to 165 participants from the entire globe. Dr. Lafortune was moderator and expert on all sessions.

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Nuclear Safety Regulations

ELIFORT's principal, under subcontract to International Safety Research, developed the nuclear emergency preparedness and response regulations for the UAE Federal Agency for Nuclear Regulations.

FANR Nuclear Emergency Exercise

Under a subcontract to International Safety Research, ELIFORT developed and conducted the first evaluated nuclear emergency response exercise for the Barakah Nuclear Power Station inAbu Dhabi

Nuclear security exercise in Eastern Europe

Under a contract for the Science and Technology Centre of Ukraine, ELIFORT's principal developed, conducted and evaluated four nuclear smuggling exercises for the Eastern and South Eastern European countries, which was conducted in Georgia in 2018.

ECHO emergency response coordination centre staffing

Under a subcontract to Calian Europe, ELIFORT qualified a consortium of European companies to supply emergency management staff to the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM).


ECDC Emergency response workshops and exercises

Under a subcontract to Calian Europe, ELIFORT secured a contract with the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control for the preparation of public health emergency response workshops and exercises.

GCC emergency response procedures

Under a subcontract to Calian Europe, ELIFORT is developing All-Hazard Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for the Gulf Cooperation Centre (GCC) Emergency Management Centre located in Kuwait.


Counter terrorism exercise

Under a subcontract to International Safety Research, ELIFORT's principal developed and conducted an international exercise for the US Secretary of State and the Global Coalition against ISIS on the interception of Foreign Terrorist Fighters planning a major terrorist act on European soil.


Operational Safety Review Karachi-2

Elifort's Jeff Lafortune participated as the IAEA's Accident Management Expert of an Operational Safety Review of the K-2 nuclear power plant in March 2020. This Pre-OSART mission was aimed at verifying that the plant meets international safety standards prior to commercial operation. The plant is currently in the final construction stage and is undergoing system commissioning prior to fuel loading.

Action Plan for the Development of Nuclear Emergency Preparedness in the Gulf

Elifort's Jeff Lafortune led several workshops in Bahrain on the development of nuclear and radiological emergency preparedness in the ROPME Sea Area and the Gulf Cooperation Council. Initially under a project sponsored by MEMAC, the action plan led to the development of the first regional emergency plan for responding to nuclear and radiological emergencies.

Training on IAEA emergency notification system

Elifort's Jeff Lafortune served as technical expert during a course delivered to GCC Member States in Kuwait, under the sponsorship of the Marine Emergency Mutual Aid Centre (MEMAC) of Bahrain. The course focused on preparedness and response to regional nuclear or radiological emergencies and on the system for informing the IAEA in case of accidents affecting the region.

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